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Neuroplasticity in Action



Intrinsic to each and every individual, is the potential for growth and change through the power of neuroplasticity. At Connections, we provide you with the necessary tools and information that your brain requires in order to tap into the very foundations of your neurological development. Through this subcortical input, neural pathways are formed and fortified leading to consequential and lasting changes in how we think and how we move. By repairing the foundation, neural pathways are built that lead to more complex motor patterns and cortical processes. How do we tap this powerhouse of potential? By integrating the primary reflex and movement patterns, by repatterning more sophisticated neurodevelopmental movement patterns, and by always addressing the nervous system through neurotactile regulation. Whether your struggles are minor and largely invisible, or significant and debilitating, we can offer you hope in the potential for healing and restoration as we make new CONNECTIONS and Neurological pathways through movement.

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Treatment Options