My name is Pam Lile.  MNRI Practitioner is one of the hats that I wear. I am also a mom of nine including a son with a traumatic brain injury. Reflex integration through MNRI has been life-altering for our family. Due to our amazing results, I have dedicated myself to sharing this extraordinary healing modality with others in NE Ohio.

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My Story

In 2018, my eight-year-old son fell at my feet unconscious. Suffering a severe brain hemorrhage from a ruptured AVM, Sam nearly died. But he didn't. He survived and set our family on a crash course in neurological recovery. As the hospital scrubbed Sam from their schedule after reaching his plateau in recovery, I poured myself into researching alternative therapies that held a unique perspective on the potential of neuroplasticity. Stumbling upon MNRI and seeing the transformation that has occurred, against all odds, through reflex integration, I devoted my life to learning all I could in order to help others. MNRI holds the answers to questions that we often don't even know to ask when dealing with neurological recovery.

MNRI is the "missing link" in restoration. By tapping into the hardware that all of humanity is endowed with, strengthening and fortifying those foundations, transformation can and does happen in ways that are indicative of true healing. MNRI does not work within the compensations and distortions intrinsic to a brain injury.... rather, MNRI makes sure, solid, and dependable pathways from the subcortex outward so that distortions and compensations are no longer the default in how we think and move.

We all hold the potential for positive neurological change each day of our lives. My joy is to share this gift with others who desire transformation as well. Go ahead and take that first step towards wellness. Schedule your first session and learn what MNRI has to offer.


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